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Magic Merry Christmas and Amazing Winter Fantasies - Adult Coloring Book for Stress Relief

Why just waiting for Christmas to recive a gift from Santa Clause, when you can make yourself a gift today? Decorations, presents, snowmen and even Santa Clause. Everything that is charming about Chritsmas and winter you will find in this book.

Includes: 50 + 6 Beautiful Designs + 10 Charming Relationship Advices + 10 Inspirational Positive Messages


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+ International phenomenon and latest mega trend!

+ Free Your mind!

+ Stress Relieving!

+ Coloring will have a healing effect, enhances creativity and is fun!

+ This Adult Coloring Book will benefit You with WEEKS of coloring fun!

+ Adult coloring books are leading the international bestsellers!

+ 50 beautiful designed and amazing detailed images of everything in relation with Christmas and a charming winter. Decorations, presents, snowmen and even Santa Clause!

+ 6 Bonus Images!

+ Especially detailed and complex illustrations for grownups but also (older) kids will love it!

+ For girls and boys, women and men, ladies and gents, grandma and grandad!

+ We wish You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

+ Includes: 10 Charming Relationship Advices!

+ Includes: 10 Inspirational Positive Messages!

+ Includes: short how to color introduction!

+ Each illustration is on a separate sheet to avoid bleeding through!

+ Easy to color!

+ Improves eye-hand coordination!

+ Calms an anxious mind and cultivates moment-to-moment awareness!

+ Increases self-confidence, self-esteem and self-love!

+ Boosts mental clarity!

+ Enhances the ability of inner focus and lets You develop more mindfulness!

+ Coloring will take You into a Zen Buddhism meditation-like state!

+ Depressions are going to disappear!

+ Wellness and yoga for Your mind!

+ Art Therapy!

+ Create Your own art!

+ Best book for the holidays!

+ Makes a Great Christmas Gift, Birthday Gift, Thanksgiving Day Gift, Valentine’s Day Gift!

+ 130 pages!

+ Over $250 (!) of value in this book!

+ Anti-stress guarantee!



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