ADULT Coloring Books!? The last time I colored was when I was a child….

  • Coloring Books for Grown Ups are more intricate than coloring books for children. The motoric skills of grownups are much more developed than the ones from kids, so the designs are more complex.

Is there any “adult content” inside?

  • Although there are books out on the market which focus on adult content, the designs in our books are family friendly (except of our Sweary Animals and Flowers Book). Nevertheless, the illustrations may be too complex for (small) children.

I read that it is a scam and has nothing to do with therapy…

  • If someone has serious health issues, taking supplements alone won’t heal him. He must change his diet to a natural, wholefood diet, exercise several times per week, laugh much and maybe consult a doctor. The same applies with coloring. Coloring is no substitute for a healthy and happy lifestyle. But it surely can contribute to one. Many of our customers are reporting that they feel more overall relaxed since they have started coloring regularly.

Does it really work?

  • Yes, coloring really relaxes the mind. While coloring You focus on one task and the amygdala (fear center of the brain) calms down.

Are Your illustrations printed single sided?

  • Yes! … Maybe You asked because of the concern of colors bleeding through the pages. We use quality paper. Nevertheless, it is still recommended putting a sheet of paper behind the illustration You are about to color, just to be on the safe side.

Do You have perforated pages?

  • We view our books more as art or diary books. A colored illustration tells something of its colorist story and mood, at that time he colored it. You can also write the date and an important event in Your life when You color a page. If You insist in it, You still could take scissors and cut them out.

I’m interested in Your books, but the price…

  • Putting together our books costs much time, effort and money. They are in very high quality and offer many illustrations. Each book provides its colorist weeks or even months of coloring fun. You are free to compare its price with the price of a cinema ticket with a 2h duration.

How do I use them?

  • It’s almost the same like when You were a kid: find a nice place You feel comfortable in and just start. There is no right or wrong way;)

They are too intricate…

  • We offer books with more complicated and less complicated designs. Please see each book’s preview images to decide which one is suiting You best.

I love Your books!

  • Thank You! 🙂

Now so that You can count Yourself to the enlighted ones You may want to head straight to amazon:

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